Whatever Does Not Kill You

Sidescrolling action RPG with fighter mechanics, played in web browsers.

Play the very broken prototype here: Whatever Does Not Kill You.

Really this “prototype” is a bunch of different games all crammed together. I worked on it sporadically from 2008 until 2014, reaching version 285. I would version the game after achieving some new feature or crucial bug fix.

Written in actionscript 2(!) the game includes these varied gameplay mechanics and modes:

  • Side scrolling platforming
  • 2D fighting
  • RPG dialogue text trees
  • Free-roaming space mining and shoot-em-up mode
  • Forced multiscrolling shoot-em-up
  • Player accounts and careers
  • Asynchronous mutiplayer

There are many levels available in the prototype which worked better in the past but have now been broken by changes to the engine or changes to the level concept which haven’t been fully implemented.